About Us

O&H is an established property developer which has been creating communities since 1982. 

We are a privately run business which owns in excess of 10,000 acres of land across the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our ability to invest upfront across the portfolio and to integrate with local neighbourhoods while building new communities.

In our role as Master Developer, we undertake the implementation of local infrastructure such as schools, community facilities, allotments, orchards, lakes and waterways. We are also able to invest early in the roads, public transport, landscaping, play areas, sports pitches whilst providing much-needed homes.

We have dedicated teams with local knowledge who are based on specific projects, enabling a hands-on approach to assist with the enhancement of both the existing and new communities. This allows us to listen to the local needs from an early stage, which in turn allows the places we create to fit seamlessly into the immediate area.