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The community map on this website allows you to explore what’s in your neighbourhood. Zoom in, click on the pins, use the filters below and explore what’s happening here in the Hamptons. And keep adding to the map - use the link on the map to let us know about new activities and events.

Hampton Hargate Primary School
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Hampton Children's Centre
Hampton Children's Centre/ Cygnets Pre school
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ValeCommunity Pre-school
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Cygnets Pre-School
Vale Community Pre-school
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Hampton Vale Primary School
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Hampton College, Secondary Phase
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Hampton College, Primary Phase
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Hampton College Sixth Form
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University Centre Peterborough
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Hampton Day Nursery
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Hampton Gardens Secondary School
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Garden centre, gifts, housewares, food hall and restaurant

Mercedes of Peterborough
Serpentine Green Shopping Centre
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Serpentine Green Shopping Centre hampton is Peterborough’s leading retail destination

Hampton Peterborough benefits from a great retail offering including the area Serpentine Green Shopping Centre. With a number of great retail stores and dining destinations Serpentine Green really is a great part of the amenities on offer at Hampton.

One Stop
Queensgate Shopping Centre
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With over 90 shops, 15 places to eat and thousands of brands. It’s all going on at Queensgate Peterborough.

Sue Ryder Charity Shop
One Stop

Local grocery shopping which also offers post office services.

Premier Convenience Store
Oxygen Hairdressing
Co-op Food
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Eagle Way Food Store
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Harvester Pavilion
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Family restaurant famous for its grills and salads

Beijing Supreme Chinese Take-away
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We are situated in the Hampton Hargate Local Centre, a new development area of Peterborough. We have been established at this location since 2003 providing delicious oriental cuisine to the food loving public. Our venture into food began in 1992 when we opened our first take-away in Werrington before moving to the present location. With over 17 years of experience our head chef takes great pleasure in conjuring up delightful eastern dishes for the western palate. Come and watch our chefs prepare and cook your food with great expertise in our open plan kitchen which has achieved 5 stars in hygiene inspection grading - something we are very proud of. Or if you are entertaining and do not have the time why not use our delivery service. Click here for details.

Mattoni Italian Restaurant
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Krispy Kreme
Costa Coffee
Starbucks Coffee
The Moorhen
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Toby Carvery
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The Hampton - Brewers Fayre
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Mulberry Tree
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A great place to take the whole family, this Farmhouse Inn is friendly, welcoming and warm.
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Gold Award winner in the Independent Sandwich Bar of the Year 2014: subs, pizzas, pastas, salads to eat in or go.

Chimes Coffee Shop
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Located inside the CSK Church

Come and Join us for scrummy scones, freshly made cakes, paninis, sandwiches & salads.

We are also serving ethically sourced fair-trade coffee from lattes to cappuccinos, plus a great selection of teas and soft drinks.

The Gurkha Lounge
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Froglife - Hampton Nature Reserve Volunteers - contact Froglife
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Froglife volunteers meet here to manage and monitor this magnificent 145ha nature reserve. Please contact the Warden for more details on volunteering.

The Undercroft
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The Undercroft is a brand new theatre space that is managed by Eastern Angles.

There will be many performances performing here throughout the coming years as well as making the theatre a space for community groups to use and perform in too.

Please check out more about Eastern Angles here: www.easternangles.co.uk


If you would like to find out more about the space, then please email Keely Mills at keely@easternangles.co.uk

Crown Lakes heritage walking trail
Cycling the Peterborough Green Wheel
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The Green Wheel is a 61km route around Peterborough, so-called because it circles the city centre, with 'spokes' leading in. The route crosses the southern edge of the Hamptons from Crown Lakes Country Park to the A1. The track follows the line to the stream known as the Stanground Lode.

Stillwells Nature Reserve

Stillwells area is open to the public. The lake is part of the old brickworking.

Cycling the Peterborough Green Wheel - Crown lakes loop

Peterborough Travel Choice have produced a route MAP for a looped cycle route which starts at the Serpentine Centre and loops around south of the city.

The circular route includes: Crown lakes, Stanground, city centre , Key theatre and Nene river embankment, beside the Nene Valley railway including Orton Mere station, Orton Longueville, Orton Marlborne and Hampton Hargate. The route is mainly on dedicated cycle paths and is well signed, it takes approx. 1 hr 30 mins as it is 11.5 miles /18km

Robins Wood

An attractive open area with pond and pathways for family walks and dog walking. Joggers might like to know that the outer oval track measures approx 1800 m long. This area of original post industrial "brown field land” is of significant biodiversity interest and includes rough ground and wild terrain. Please keep to the paths.

Brick Heritage

Robin’s Wood is on the edge of the former Orton brick works and was used as a store for brick waste, creating the sloping bank that remains today. In order to establish a space that has wildlife benefits whilst providing a natural environment for residents to enjoy. The brick waste has been retained and partly covered with soil to enable planting and natural colonisation of plants. The once bare earth and brick rubble is now being transformed into an open space, with habitats for wildlife.

Woodland Development

It takes a great deal of time for woodland to develop naturally. Wildflowers and weeds would be the first plants to grow in bare earth. Woody plants and small trees such as buddleia and birch would follow. These plants are called pioneer species, they like space and light.

Once established pioneer species will provide the growing conditions for plants that usually grow more slowly and prefer some shelter and shade. These are the trees, shrubs and plants such as oak, ash, holly and bluebells which will eventually grow to form a mature woodland.

A mixture of flowers trees and shrubs have been planted. These will be carefully managed to speed the process of woodland development along so that visitors and wildlife can enjoy the benefits without the long wait.

The two wildlife ponds have been planted with a wide diversity of flora to encourage biodiversity. A number of Hibernacula, specially constructed covered heaps of stone and rubble, have been built adjacent to the pond for use by reptiles and amphibians for over-wintering protection and sunbathing in the early morning. They can also be used as a home by solitary bees species.

Robin’s wood is owed and managed by Hampton (Peterborough ) Management Ltd, a subsidiary within the O&H group of companies.

Lakes and Fishing in Hampton Hargate and Vale
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Fishing in the main large lakes within Hargate and Vale is allowed by the landowner assuming all fish are returned safely after being caught. No fish are to be removed. Anyone fishing over the age of 12 will, as normal in the UK, require a fishing licence. see web link

NB: No fishing is allowed in the two small ornamental ponds in Hargate - Holly Walk (Hope Pond) and Black Swan Crescent (Angel Pond) as these have been stocked with goldfish. Please report any fishing or theft of fish in these two pond to the police on 101 and the Hampton office 01733 293220

All the lakes and ponds in Hampton have been designed using the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) guidelines and have been inspected. However the lakes are not supervised therefore parents must exercise normal parental control and take responsibility for their children. There are throw lines attached to the red notice boards at the entrance to most lake areas. These are emergency equipment and should not be played with. If you find one loose on the ground please return it to the nearest red sign where the O&H maintenance team will reinstall it as part of their normal inspection routine.

All the lakes within the Hampton development are managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. 01733 293220

Hampton Gazette
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The Hamptons’ news and views magazine appears monthly. Founder and editor Lorraine Clark explains how it came about and its role in The Hamptons.

Hampton Parish Council
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Established in 2010, Hampton Parish Council aims to promote a strong and vibrant community and welcomes residents to take part in local decision-making through its meetings and residents' forums.

Hampton Hargate Community Allotment Group
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Self-managed group of 100 Hampton residents growing fruit, vegetables and flowers on 18 full-size and 20 half-size plots.

Contact via HHCAG@hotmail.co.uk

Hampton Library
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Hampton Library has access to over 11,000 items of books, e-books, CDs and DVDs. It also has six public access computers allowing library card holders one free hour of use each day in addition to free wi-fi access.

Peterborough United Football Club
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The professional football club formed in 1934 and are nicknamed 'The Posh'.

Nene Valley Railway
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NVR is a preserverd railway in Cambridgeshire running Steam locomotives, including a full-scale replica of 'Thomas the Tank Engine'.

Hampton Vale Community Centre

Community facilities for clubs, classes, community groups, corporate meetings and private functions.

Archerwood Play Area

Toddler play area with slide rockers and climbing equipment, all in a fenced area with seats. Adjacent to the play area is a youth meeting shelter.

This area was built by Bovis and is managed by them. Please report any damage or issues direct to their Technical department at Bovis on 01908 984444 or email them at customercare.northernhomecounties@bovishomes.co.uk

Forrest Drive. Hempsted Play Area

Forrest Drive. Hempsted Play Area contains a triple set of swings, one of which is design for those with special needs, climbing rails, two back hole diggers within the sand area and some horizontal bars.

The play area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage to 01733 293220

Peterborough Rail Station
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Fast and frequent services to London and the north-east, operated by East Coast

Christ the Servant King (CSK) Church

CSK is a member of the Church of England, and is the Parish Church of Hampton.

Every Sunday at 10:00am.

We provide a warm welcome at CSK.

Please do come along and join us!

Contact Reverend Sylvia Kinder Tel: 01733 240196.

London Road /Saxonbury Rd junction maze

London Road /Saxonbury Rd junction a small maze is located under the mature tree near the junction. The hedges form rings around the tree with gaps.

This tree has a preservation order on it to protect it into the future.

THis area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220

Black Swan Crescent toddler play area

Black Swan Crescent toddler play area contains toddler swings and rockers and a see-saw plus with seating with a view over the pond. The pond takes it water form the adjacent building roofs and is the part of the sustainable drainage system that allows water to slowly meander its way to the river.

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management ltd, please report any damage 01733 293220

Calcot Street toddler play area

Calcot Street toddler play area contains a see-saw, a pair of traditional swings, three spring rockers animals plus three parks benches. There are also some small grass mounds for toddlers to run up and down or play "king of the castle".

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd please report and damage on 01733 293220

Molyneux Square Playground and Junior Kickabout Area

Public Open Space with a toddler playground area and a large grass open space designated under planning as a Junior Kickabout Area.

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220.

West Lake/Freshwater Road Avenue Toddler Play Area

Toddler Play Area with rockers and play tower with a slide and firemans pole.

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220.

The Bank play area by Harn road

The Bank play area by Harn road is built into the slope and has a number of type of play equipment to suit various ages. The big slide is 3.5m high, 7m long, 2m wide. There is a climbing trestle, a balance beam, a climbing wall with double horizontal bars, a Tarzan swing. For the younger visitors there are two climbing towers. For the teenagers there is a shelter meeting point plus the area adjacent was tarmac to allow roller blading, skating and boarding.

The flat tarmaced area can also be used by the community as a event space as and when required.

The adjacent grassed area is designed as a Junior kickabout area and the adjacent bank has been stepped to encourage supporters to sit and watch.

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220

Eagle Way Falcon Way Junction Toddler Play area

Eagle Way Falcon Way Junction toddler play area contains a toddler climbing tower with slide, a see-saw, a carousel and a pair of swings, one of which is for those with special needs and spring animal. The area also has two bench seats.

The adjacent grass area has for the last few years been the location of the community Autumn fair, which is always a great success.

The play area is managed by Hamtpon (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage on 01733 293220.

Stanton Square Play Area

Toddler playground and Junior Kickabout Area

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220.

The Tump with teenage play area and Junior Kickabout area

The Tump is a 17 m high earth mound left as a reminder of the pre development history of Hampton. It is planted with wild flowers so it is only mown twice a year. In winter it is a great location for tobogganing down and in summer it is a good spot to chill out or fly a kite.

Looking south west from the Tump area you see a Junior Kick about area, a meeting shelter and a tarmac area for basket ball or football.

Look south east and you can see the younger play area with its wire slide, metal slide, climbing nets, balance bars and a four seater waltzer design for teenagers to just sit and talk or spin around on.

Space has been left here for future items to be added as and when the community takes up a more active role. The grass areas have been used for community and church functions. O&H are happy to support any not-for-profit community type organisations by allowing use of this area for events.

The Tump area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220

Vale Centre/ WLA Toddler Play area & Junior kickabout area

Toddler Play area contains a toddler climbing tower, a spring animal and bench. Next door is a junior kickabout area which has been raised above the adjacent lake area to provide a flatter and dryer area for football and games

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220

James Pond Junior play area.

Between the Junior Kickabout pitch and the James Pond is a Junior play area with more adventurous items such as a 4m high pole with pyramid net, a four person waltzer and a larger climbing wall with nets

The trees around James pond were planted as 500mm whips in 1996 and are growing into a flourishing woodland. You can find stone markers and even a small stone circle surrounded with wildflowers on the peninsular.

Both the play area and the adjacent woodlands are managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220.

Four Chimneys Crescent junior play area

Four Chimneys Crescent junior play area has some interesting climbing items for the more adventurous juniors. It includes a small climbing wall covered in frogs, a pair of traditional swings and a four person see-saw.

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220.

Hargate Playing Fields Play Area

Hargate Playing Fields play area has a larger climbing frame with a rope ladder and slide. There are three spring animal rockers and a see-saw plus there are two benches so it could be a good place to meet and have a good natter while letting the children play. The area is next door to the three pitch playing fields so plenty of space to run around in.

This area is managed by Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd. Please report any damage 01733 293220.

Serpentine Green centre play area

October 2013 a new play area was open as part of the shopping centre.

Above image credit Serpentine Green website. This area is managed by Serpentine Green.

Eagle Way Community Urban Park with multi gym

PCC have leased this area and funded the installation of an urban community park. It includes a number of outdoor gym stations for all ages to use. There are also two outdoor table tennis tables (bring your own bats and balls). A climbing boulder has been installed within a soft fall zone. There is also a carousel design to accommodate wheelchair users as well as the able bodied so families can play together. For the youngster there is also a meeting shelter. Bike racks have been provided as well as general seating and picnic benches. The majority of the site has been sown with wildflowers.

The community Urban park is managed by PCC 01733 747474

Community tree planting

In 2010 Peterborough Environment City Trust launched the Forest for Peterborough, an ambitious project to plant over 180,000 trees in and around the city by 2030. In March 2013 as part to of its on going contribution to the forest O&H provided an area of suitable land. Approx 850 trees were planted over two days

Opus Business Park
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Specifically designed to meet the business demands of the 21st century, Opus comprises high specification detached and semidetached self-contained offices, all built to the latest energy-efficient specifications.

Amazon Distribution Centre
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Amazon Fulfilment Centre

IKEA Distribution Centre
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Scandinavian chain selling ready-to-assemble furniture, plus housewares, in a warehouse-like space.

Debenhams Distribution Centre
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Debenhams Distribution Centre

British Sugar
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British Sugar plc is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods and the sole British producer of sugar from sugar beet

Royal Haskoning
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Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering and project management consultancy

Bulley Davey
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Bulley Davey Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Advisers

Premier Inn Peterborough (Hampton) hotel
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Premier Inn Peterborough Modern Budget Hotel

Sense Centre - Peterborough (Hampton Resource Centre)
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Sence Centre offer a place for people with complex disabilities to build connections by developing communication skills and independence

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Mastercard Office

Handelsbanken Peterborough
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Handelsbanken Peterborough Bank

News UK
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News UK is the proud owner of a stable of news and media brands

Vivacity Leisure Centre
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Vivacity Hampton Leisure Centre

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Mercedes of Peterborough

Sycamore Royal Enfield
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Sycamore Royal Enfield

Brant Associates
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Brant Associates is a well established, professional and independent Chartered Building Consultancy, specialising in dispute resolution and quantity surveying, offering services both nationally and internationally.

GKL Group
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GKL Group is a large scale civil engineering and construction company delivering bespoke solutions for infrastructure, earthworks, urban regeneration, residential development and engineering projects.

Budworth Hardcastle
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Property Consultants

Royal Mencap Society
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Mencap provides support to people with a learning disability . We also campaign heavily to change laws and provide better support. The office in Peterborough provides the business support to our teams. Mencap is one of the few organisations in England and Wales registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service to carry out DBS checks, both for our staff and other organisations.Call us on 01733 873 737 . See the link below for more information on Mencap

Doctors - Hampton Health
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Currently located in Serpentine Green, this multi-disciplinary GPs sugery is relocating to purpose-built premises on the Hamptons in summer 2014.

Avery House Care Home
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Purpose built in 2009 to provide specialist residential, dementia and respite care

Hampton Leisure Centre
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Hampton leisure centre has a sunlit state-of-the-art gym, a fitness and exercise studio and a fantastic range of both indoor and outdoor facilities, including a multipurpose sports hall, three football pitches, a tennis/netball court and a cricket wicket. The centre also houses the Hampton Library with access to over 11,000 books, e-books, CDs and DVDs. It also has six new public-access computers, free online resources and Wi-Fi access.

Hampton Dentist
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Hampton Veterinary Centre
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Hampton Veterinary Centre

Peterborough City Hospital
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Peterborough City Hospital

Edith Cavell Campus

Bretton Gate



01733 678000

Vivacity Premier Fitness
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gym | pool | studios | beauty | café The only premium gym in the Hampton, Peterborough area with a state-of-the-art gym, a 25m pool and a sauna and steam room.

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We dispense all NHS prescriptions. We keep a comprehensive stock of prescription medicines and use a fast and efficient wholesaler service to enable us to fill all prescriptions promptly. 14, Stewartby Avenue, Peterborough, PE7 8EL 01733248371

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the information provided may be outdated. Please contact the individual ammenities prior to travel.