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Living in Nature

One thousand two hunded and fifty acres of green space.

Hamptons’ homes are embedded in a network of waterways, woodlands and parkland totalling over 1250 acres. The majority is open to the public, including Crown Lakes Country Park. Per household, there is at least 80 sq m of woodland, 180 sq m of lakes and 240 sq m of nature reserves.



Whatever time of day or year you visit, the rich population of animal, bird, insect and plant life means there’s always something to see at Crown Lakes. More than 75,000 native trees and shrubs were planted at Crown Lakes in 1997 when O&H Hampton set about transforming the abandoned brickworks site into a country park. With the help of ecologists, they created a range of ideal habitats including ponds, wildflower areas, a bat roost and hibernation mound.




This is the newest part of Hampton township and includes 3 large lakes. Teardrop Lake is a vast water body that sits to the north of Hampton Gardens. A 4-metre wide footway/cycleway has been provided around the entire lake, making it the perfect place for a circular walk, run or cycle. And if you should need a rest on the way around, benches, set within a newly landscaped lakeside edge, are there to welcome you.

Beeby's East and West Lakes also offer fantastic lake-side walks. Beeby's East is designed to be more low-key, with a particular focus on wildlife, whereas if you feel brave enough, why not try a spot of wakeboarding on Beeby's West.



The open space has been provided and developed over a 20 year period. It allows residents and members of the public to walk alongside lakes, canals and green space, and links the 'villages' within Hampton. The "Tump" is a well-known local landmark and, if you climb to the top, you are rewarded with great views all over Hampton.  It also serves as a great place to go sledging when there's enough snow!


There’s plenty of space for informal games, from rounders to Frisbee and as well as football pitches for a kick-about
The well-maintained lakeside paths are also suitable for jogging. A lap of Crown Lakes or Teardrop Lake is just over 1 mile. You could also extend your walk/run by following the Green Wheel which runs alongside Haddon Lake and through Hampton East, Crown Lakes and out towards the Fens
Bridleways provided dedicated spaces for horses and their riders
Choose a picnic table overlooking the water, or find your own secluded spot
Wildlife you might see include muntjac deer, badger, squirrels, voles, wood mice, woodpeckers, tawny and short-eared owls, rare black hairstreak and grizzled skipper butterflies, lizards, newts, bats and more
Hampton is on national cycle network route 12, and on the Peterborough cycling leisure route 5, offering excellent cycle routes through Hampton's green spaces, the rest of the city, and beyond


With open spaces, water and high-quality purpose-built sports and fitness facilities, the Hamptons offers something for everyone.


When it comes to walking routes Hampton residents are spoilt for choice. Top spots include Hargate and Vale Lakes, Crown Lakes Country Park, and Robins Wood featuring a one-mile loop linked with James Pond.
Walk4life has details of almost 60 Peterborough walks, including nine based around the Hamptons

If you prefer company on your walk:

Hampton Walking Group meets once a week for an hour-long walk around the Hamptons’ open spaces.

Froglife runs a weekly Butterfly Walk between April and September.

Search the community map for details of these and other activities.

Other local walking groups also visit the Hamptons.

Find details on the Walking for Health website.



The lakes are under a Hampton Parish Council community lease to enable community fishing to take place, any fishing is resident only and people should contact Hampton Parish council for further details.

No fishing is allowed in the two small ornamental ponds in Hargate - Holly Walk (Hope Pond) and Black Swan Crescent (Angel Pond). Please report any fishing or theft of fish from these two ponds to the police on 101 and the Hampton office 01733 293220.



The Hamptons is part of the Peterborough Green Wheel cycle network providing safe links to all areas of the city.

The Crown Lakes link is a circular route which loops around Peterborough centre and takes approx 1 hour and 30 mins.

Download the map here.



With 22 squads and a haul of trophies and awards, Hampton FC is a great football success story. It’s a story built on the commitment of the many volunteer coaches, referees, players, parents and supporters over a decade.



Hampton Cricket Club was founded in 2004 and the well-maintained pitch is at Clayburn Road, in Hampton Vale. There is a real community atmosphere here with teams ranging from seniors all the way to junior under 9's so that every age and ability is catered for.